Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thing 23

My final thought is to thank all those responsible for putting this program together. I can only imagine the hours it took. 23 things greatly stretched my understanding of the world of Web 2.0, as well as, provided new skills to take forward. The challenge now will be to integrate them with my media center, both professionally and personally.
I enjoyed the experience.

Thing 22

The Minitex Training and Events Webinar offerings are impressive. It is good to see the diversity of offerings --- the scope is quite something. From my own past experience I know I will need to keep my fingers in the various "things" to remember how to use them. The multitypes are going above and beyond by offering a second round of 23 things to librarians in this state.

Thing 21

I joined the Pioneerland Ning today. Otherwise, I am not currently a member of an online community (outside of Facebook which I joined as part of the 23 things). The online communities for books looked appealing, with their options to share books or conduct ongoing book discussions. I think I would be most interested in joining one of these communities.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Thing 20

I chose to register with Facebook as it had an American Library Association option. I think I can understand how this social network phenomena happened as most teens have the need to belong to a "group" and this Internet vehicle provides ready and immediate access to a group. Also, it enables global connections. A point from the video is well-taken as networking is also an important means to finding jobs, apartments, what you need, etc.

The Hennepin Library MySpace revealed that many teens and authors are interested and willing to share through this format.

Thing 19

Podcasts enable one to create a kind of private public radio menu. I listened to the 28th annual Children's Literature Workshop podcast and Wanda Erickson's sharing of her dual role as Upsala's public and school librarian from Memories for School Library Media.

I really enjoyed the Huckleberry School 1st grade read alouds of their original stories found in the Education Podcast Directory. It was evident from the readings of their dedication pages that they had been well taught the function of the dedication page! It would be fun to set up a podcast link on our school web site to share some of our students' original stories.

Thing 18: Charlotte's Web on YouTube

I chose this clip, as it was short. More importantly, Charlotte's Web was the book that revealed to me the magic of children's literature.

I thought the YouTube video links provided in the lesson were very funny! I enjoyed them.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thing 17

Our school district has provided links through their media websites to the ELM databases for several years. My elementary students (K-4) have had limited use of the databases, not because they are not excellent, but many times the reading level of the material is just too difficult.

Personally, I used Academic Search Premier intensively in a master's program I completed in 2005. It was an especially great tool as the majority of the program was web-based.